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Panther is a premium restaurant based in Abuja, Nigeria, serving delicious Italian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine in a warm and majestic environment. It is intended for those who appreciate the beautiful.


Step into the world of Panthera!

Where the timeless majesty of the Panthera family comes to life through every exquisite bite. As the panther prowls with grace and power, so does Panthera seamlessly blend the bold and refined. Our chefs, like the apex predators of the culinary world, curate each dish with meticulous attention, blending the robust flavors of Italy with the sun-kissed essence of the Mediterranean.

We've Mastered The Art of Connection

At Panthera, we celebrate the art of connection, just as the panther bonds fiercely with its pack. Gather with loved ones and fellow enthusiasts of fine dining, and share in the experience of discovering new flavors. Our attentive staff embodies the panther's vigilant spirit, ready to cater to your every need while allowing you to savor each moment.

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